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The Book of Letters I Didnít Know Where to Send
The Book of Letters I Didnít Know Where to Send
208 pages
Pub date: September 13, 2016
Rights: Canada English
The Book of Letters I Didnít Know Where to Send
Steve Patterson (Author)

Steve Patterson’s The Book of Letters I Didn’t Know Where to Send is a collection of — wait for it — letters, written by award-winning stand-up comedian — you guessed it — Steve Patterson.

The host of CBC Radio’s The Debaters since 2007, Steve Patterson has become a household name, with more than 700,000 listeners tuning in each week. He has performed at several of the Just for Laughs prestigious televised galas, including one hosted by Steve Martin. Considered to be the highlight of the show by the audience and critics alike, Patterson’s performance prompted the legendary Martin to quip, “If I’d known he was going to be THAT good, I would have cancelled him.”

Patterson’s letters, long a staple of his stand-up comedy routine, address a number of recipients, from real people, to groups, to inanimate objects and concepts. He airs grievances, offers support or creates just plain confusion in unplainly humorous prose.

From the political to the personal, from the philosophical to the mundane, no subject — or target — is off limits. Patterson’s letters may not change the world, but frankly, it’s too early to tell. In these letters, he pleads, begs, cajoles, grovels, and always makes a compelling argument. He would like men to stop wearing Spandex bike shorts. He would like airlines to stop selling seats they don’t have. He would like gluten to explain itself. He would like his nine-year-old self to know everything will be all right...

In addition to his stand-up comedy and radio work, Patterson has written for several publications, including the Globe and Mail, Irish Independent, London Free Press, Toronto Star, and Canadian Living. This is his first book.


“Steve Patterson is one of Canada’s funniest talents. In this book, he proves that he can write as effortlessly as he can make us laugh on stage and radio. The Book of Letters I Didn’t Know Where to Send was a book of letters I didn’t know how to put down. Buy this book or read it as a book of emails on your computer.” — Mark Critch, comedian, This Hour Has 22 Minutes

“This collection of letters is just like Steve Patterson: funny, smart, and just a tiny bit weird. This says all the things we wish we would’ve thought of — but Steve just says it better. This is a really fun read.” — Debra DiGiovanni, comedian, Video on Trial

“I’m glad Steve didn’t know where to send these letters. Otherwise, we’d never get to split our sides laughing at them. They are hilarious, thought-provoking, and more often than not, written on the bedrock of truth. This guy is good.” — Terry Fallis, author of Poles Apart

“The same warm, funny, personable Steve Patterson we know and love from The Debaters comes through on every page. I loved it!” — Cathy Jones, comedian, This Hour Has 22 Minutes

“There’s something for everyone in this book.  All humanoids — from heads of state to the lowly mermaid — can learn how to change their lives in letterform.  Even I gained knowledge!  Without this book how would I know that I’m an arsehole for reading the last page first?  Thanks Steve, you changed the way I see the world.”  — Nikki Payne, comedian, Video on Trial

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