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Trails of Halifax Regional Municipality (ePDF)
Trails of Halifax Regional Municipality (ePDF)
168 pages
Pub date: March 15, 2013
Rights: World
Trails of Halifax Regional Municipality (ePDF)
Michael Haynes (Author)

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Featuring five new trails (three of which lead into Wilderness Protected Areas), newly added trailhead GPS coordinates, cell phone coverage details, hiking tips, and extra sidebar notes on flora, fauna, and historic sites that you’ll encounter along the way, the new edition of Trails of Halifax Regional Municipality is the essential guide to hiking in Nova Scotia’s most picturesque city. What’s more, each trail in the guide is graded to ensure that the route you select best suits your level of hiking experience.

The regional municipality of Halifax offers some of the best coastal hiking trails in the east, with breathtaking wilderness trails less than 30 minutes from the middle of the city. Some routes traverse the region’s protected areas, while others cross inner-city parks and venture on the islands in Halifax harbour. Winding around lakes, along the ocean, in regional parks, and even through the middle of the city, Halifax’s trails offer fascinating routes for visitors, families, and serious or Sunday hikers.

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