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Hiking Trails of Montréal and Beyond (ePDF)
Hiking Trails of Montréal and Beyond (ePDF)
Pub date: June 11, 2013
Rights: World
Hiking Trails of Montréal and Beyond (ePDF)
Michael Haynes (Author)

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Featuring 50 hiking routes within 150 km of Montreal, this handy guide explores trails within the city, Laval, and in the adjacent Laurentians, Lanaudière, Montérégie, and Eastern Townships.

Michael Haynes hiked and mapped each of the 50 trails, and in this handy guide, he provides detailed maps, trail descriptions, and GPS coordinates, as well as information on time, length, difficulty, and facilities available on each route. To round out the experience, he also includes photographs of interesting sites, charts, hiking tips, and sidebars on historical, cultural, and natural subjects as well as a glossary of common hiking terms for non-French speakers.

From the Centre de la nature du Mont Saint-Hilaire to le sentier de l’Ours and from le circuit TransTerrebonne to les sentiers du Mont Rigaud, Hiking Trails of Montreal and Beyond is without question the best hiker’s companion to the region, whether for quiet afternoon excursions or serious multiday expeditions.

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All PDF eBook Chapters $18.99
Preface, Introduction, Trails at a Glance (2 MB) Free
Montréal-Laval (13 MB) $3.99
Lanaudière (15 MB) $3.99
Laurentides (Laurentians) (13 MB) $3.99
Montérégie (12 MB) $3.99
Cantons de l’Est (Eastern Townships) (13 MB) $3.99
Glossary of French Hiking Terms, References, Index (1 MB) Free
Total: $0.00

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