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Birding in New Brunswick (ePDF)
Birding in New Brunswick (ePDF)
356 pages
Pub date: May 28, 2013
Rights: World
Birding in New Brunswick (ePDF)
Roger Burrows (Author)

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Uniquely situated smack dab on the migratory path from Greenland and the Canadian North to South America, New Brunswick boasts a broad range of habitats, making it an ideal destination for birds and birders alike. From waders on the shore to raptors in the air, from garden-dwelling songbirds to rare migratory species, Birding in New Brunswick has it all.

Organized by geographic area, this book provides a thorough catalogue of the species that may be seen at each birding hotspot. For each destination, Roger Burrows provides information on how to get there and a comprehensive list of the birds that may be seen in spring-summer, fall, or winter.

Illustrated with more than 300 colourful photographs of different species by Merv J. Cormier, Birding in New Brunswick is a birders’ dream. It’s sure to find a permanent place on bookshelves and in backpacks.

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Preface, Introduction, Contents (1 MB) Free
Passamaquoddy Bay, Grand Manan (6 MB) $2.99
East Charlotte Shor, Saint John County (4 MB) $2.99
Albert County, Petitcodiac, Baie Verte (7 MB) $2.99
Kent Shore, The Miramichi (4 MB) $2.99
Acadian Peninsula, Baie des Chaleurs (4 MB) $2.99
Appalachian Range, Madawaska, Upper Saint John River Valley (1 MB) $2.99
Middle Saint John River Valley, The Lake District, Kings County (1 MB) $2.99
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