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YOU comma Idiot
YOU comma Idiot
328 pages
Pub date: February 17, 2012
Rights: Canada
YOU comma Idiot
Doug Harris (Author)

The slacker novel of the decade.

Marginalized and alienated, perennial fuck-up Lee Goodstone is a resounding zero: a small-time hash-dealing slacker with no ambition about where his life isn’t going. One morning, Honey, his best friend’s girlfriend, inexplicably jumps into bed with him. Then another friend, Henry, is accused of kidnapping a teenaged girl no one knew he was seeing. Lee gets embroiled in the mêlée, finds himself making flip remarks to the media, and his mediocre existence officially spirals out of control.

Told in the second person, YOU comma Idiot is a laugh-out-loud flight on the wings of the protagonist. The roller-coaster ride of a plot leads at breakneck speed to places even Lee can’t anticipate.

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"You can wait for years for a writer like Doug Harris to come along. This guy is worth the wait." — Brad Smith, author, Red Means Run

"More entertaining and relevant than any of the books that won Canadian literary prizes in 2010." — Brian Fawcett (, author, Human Happiness

"YOU comma Idiot ... puts the fun back in books. You’ll bust your guts laughing and you might even crack a rib." — Chad Pelley,

"A whippet-quick, greasy read. Harris is to Montreal what novelist Russell Smith is to Toronto. . . a clever wordsmith/observer of the underengaged and slothful." — Gary Curtis, The HamiltonSpectator

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