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The Rest is Silence
The Rest is Silence
330 pages
Pub date: April 13, 2012
Rights: World
The Rest is Silence

Finalist, First Novel Award

Finalist, Dartmouth Book Award for Fiction

“Some things won’t be lost.”

In the backwoods of Nova Scotia, a man slowly withdraws himself from the world. He fills his days with planting a garden. Building a cabin. Carving out friendships. Falling in love.

His nights are for storytelling. A saga of youthful passions, of idealism and hope, of science and rebellion.

Outside the forest, news reports trickle in. A worldwide catastrophe is brewing. People are frightened. Governments are in turmoil. The future is uncertain.

And as the story unfolds, we learn the consequences of believing we were ever ready to open Pandora’s Box.

Bold of theme, sensual of language, and astonishing in its implications, The Rest is Silence is a stunning achievement.

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"At the heart of the novel lies an act of environmental activism. Rather than staging its geopolitical impact, Fotheringham unearths its roots and implications in the souls of his protagonists. Tender and thoughtful." Dan Vyleta, author, The Quiet Twin

"In beautiful and evocative prose, Fotheringham weaves a brave, haunting story of myopic worldviews, the ecology of the human heart and the tenacity of life - a stunning accomplishment." Carla Gunn, author, Amphibian

"Subtle, heartbreaking, chilling, fascinating and confidently written, Fotheringham’s debut novel is a success on every level." The Globe and Mail

"A beautifully atmopsheric novel of the sort that genre fiction needs to see more of . . . What this is, really, is a natural continuation of Margaret Atwood’s extrapolation of Canadian Gothic into speculative fiction . . . This is good stuff." The Canadian Science Fiction Review

"A fantastic critique of science and scientific discourse . . . After reading this book, one begins to question the authority of science and our social belief that science can fix everything and make the world better. This is an apocalyptic novel in the same way that human action is apocalyptic – we are destroying ourselves and our world because it is convenient and Scott Fotheringham does a fantastic job of reminding us that this desire for convenience is the main motivator for our environmental destruction." Speculating Canada

"I will remember this novel: where I was when read it and how it made me feel so immediate; and I will read it again." Scene

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