books | Fiction | 9780864926197
The Douglas Notebooks: A Fable
Sheila Fischman (Translator)
Christine Eddie (Author)

An Best Book of 2013

Roman was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. At 18, he leaves his family for a home in the forest, learning to live off the land rather than his family’s wealth. Éléna flees a house of blood and mayhem, taking refuge in a monastery and later in the rustic village of Rivière-aux-Oies. One day, while walking in the woods, Éléna hears the melody of a clarinet and comes across Roman, who calls himself Starling. Éléna renames him Douglas, for the strongest and most spectacular of trees.

Fade to black.

When the story takes up again, Douglas has returned to the forest and his daughter Rose is in the village under the care of others. Éléna is gone. From these disparate threads, Christine Eddie tenderly weaves a fable for our time and for all times. As the years pass, the story broadens to capture others in its elegant web — a doctor with a bruised heart, a pharmacist who may be a witch, and a teacher with dark secrets. Together they raise this child with the mysterious heritage, transforming this story into an ode to friendship and family, a sonnet on our relationship with nature, and an elegy to love and passion.

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"For all those weary literary wanderers out there, tirelessly hunting through bookshelves both real and digital, this lushly evocative work is indeed a long-searched-for consoling treasure." — Montreal Review of Books

"A subtle and deeply poignant story of a man who abandons the modern world and all its material trappings in search of the truth in nature. Perhaps that’s a wish that no one will ever be able to fully realize, but what’s a fable without a little bit of fantasy?" — The National Post

"The Douglas Notebooks is a charming fable of love and wilderness, exquisitely written and entirely original. Utterly beautiful." — Helen Humphreys, author, Nocturne, Coventry

“Eddie slyly hints at the miracles that lie beneath the trappings of everyday life. This compact novel is about so many things: love, music, self-doubt, courage, the transformative power of nature, and all the things that make us human.” — Barry Webster, author, The Lava in My Bones

“Wonderfully light yet deeply profound.” — Suzanne Giguère, Le Devoir

“A fabulous first novel.” — Stephanie Mailhot, Le Libraire

“An enchanted love story.” — Monique Roy, Châtelaine

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