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The Darren Effect
The Darren Effect
258 pages
Pub date: March 7, 2008
Rights: Canada and US
The Darren Effect
Libby Creelman (Author)

An affair. A marriage. Accidental encounters. A secret spying mission masquerading as research for a short story on desire. This is the rich ground from which The Darren Effect springs, carrying us through the complexities, tragedies, and unanticipated triumphs of love and loss. The Darren Effect is a miraculous novel, in which the characters coalesce and crisscross in awkward, surprising, and hilarious ways. Damaged by grief and circumstance, Heather, Isabella, Darren, and Benny offer each other heartbreak, love, and redemption at a time when all previous points of reference have vanished.

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"Creelman is a sophisticated writer in both form and content. Her prose is taut, clear and precise, and she is acutely observant. Details matter because she makes them matter. . . . It has been a while since I have read a book that captures the nuances of domestic dysfunction as well as this one does, yet manages to end with such fierce hope." - Eva Tihanyi, National Post

A remarkably self-assured first novel." - Quill & Quire

"Creelman's characters are convincing, damaged, insightful, odd, compassionate, and ever so slightly morally askew - in other words, utterly compelling and true to life. You will love this novel." - Lisa Moore


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