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The Nettle Spinner
The Nettle Spinner
205 pages
Pub date: April 11, 2005
Rights: Canada Only
The Nettle Spinner

In her early twenties, Alma met a tree-planter and fell in love - not with the man but with his strangely romantic work. Now, after several seasons of planting trees out west, the tough-minded hero of Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer's visceral first novel has come home to northern Ontario to help reforest the ravaged landscape with a gang of filthy ex-hippies and idealistic students. Baking by day in the hot sun and tormented by mosquitoes and black flies, Alma and her fellow planters relieve their backbreaking toil at night with sex, dope, and alcohol. But her brief passionate affair with a charismatic newcomer named Willem raises the ire of Karl (whose amorous attentions she has deflected in the past), and he viciously rapes her.

Pregnant and alone, Alma flees to an abandoned mining camp where she and Willem once made love. There, with the help of the camp's single weird inhabitant, she constructs for herself and her unwanted baby an increasingly ominous new life. Weaving together Alma's story with an ancient Flemish folktale about a peasant girl's magical hold over a lustful count, Kuitenbrouwer links the power of narrative with the passion for self-realization.

The Nettle Spinner is a gritty, sensuous debut that portrays sex with startling clarity and violence with peculiar tenderness.

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"Brilliantly, this writer illustrates the need for an examined life. Analysis. Accountability. A responsibility that we have to the world around us, to each other, the earth beneath our feet . . . She manages, and often, to knock me off my feet in one sentence flat . . . Unconventional, dense, provocative prose." - Globe and Mail

"Sections of The Nettle Spinner are visceral and nasty and positively hum . . . Immensely satisfying, both as an elaboration of the themes Kuitenbrouwer took up in Way Up, her earlier collection of short stories, and as a contribution to the tradition of sexy Canadian fiction written by women." - Winnipeg Free Press

"Filled with such fascinating characters and a constantly twisting plot . . . The language is poetic and dense, and the outcome of the story jarring and unsettling . . . Both stories with The Nettle Spinner are riveting, and penned from a clea

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