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GLE 60th Anniversary Mug
GLE 60th Anniversary Mug
Pub date: October 3, 2014
Rights: World
GLE 60th Anniversary Mug
Clay Design (Contributor)

These mugs were designed by Julie Scriver in collaboration with master potter David Eastwood of Clay Design in celebration of Goose Lane's 60th anniversary. Each mug in this limited edition of sixty is numbered and stamped. They feature a signature pewter glaze on the exterior with a seafoam green edge at the lip, and a white interior.

Each mug measures approx. 3.25 inches in diameter at the lip and 4.5 inches high.

Numbers 1 through 21, 54, and 60 are spoken for. We'll try yo accommodate special requests for specific numbers in the series. Please email if you have your heart set on a particular number.

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