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Catherine Bush is the author of three novels. Her second novel, The Rules of Engagement was a national bestseller and was chosen as a New York Times Notable Book and a Globe and Mail Top 100 Book. Her third novel, Claire’s Head, was shortlisted for Ontario’s Trillium Award. In the 1990s, she was involved in the making of a documentary about the actual Circus Ethiopia. Catherine Bush lives in Toronto.

Titles by this author:
Accusation [Hardcover]
$32.95 Hardcover
The Rules of Engagement [Audio CD]
The Rules of Engagement
$35.00 Audio CD
@InkWellW @guelphcwmfa @kveenly late to the party here, but that's one of the most beautiful descriptions of our MF…
4 months ago
@BobYuhasz Ah no, no prime-minsterial politics in the book, just astronauts and eco-warriors! Thanks for reading!
4 months ago