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Michael Haynes is the author of many books on the Goose Lane shelves, including the original and updated versions of Hiking Trails of Cape Breton, 2nd ed. (2012), Trails of the Halifax Regional Municipality, 2nd ed. (2010), Hiking Trails of Mainland Nova Scotia, 9th Edition (2012), Hiking Trails of Montréal and Beyond (2013) and the upcoming Trails of Prince Edward Island. He has been a regular contributor to CBC Radio in Halifax, Sydney and Ottawa. In addition to his books and radio appearances, Haynes has published numerous articles about Canada's outdoors, both locally and nationally.

Michael has hiked in every province in Canada, fifteen states in the U.S., Australia, and several countries in Europe and Asia. He tries to walk every day: In the three years, 2010-2014, he walked/ran 26,000,000 steps, or 22,000 km - a daily average of more than 12 km. When not hiking, he orienteers, runs, bikes, cross-country skis, and otherwise keeps active.

In addition to writing about trails, Michael also works in trail development and active transportation.  He has worked as a member of the consulting team that has produced trail plans for communities such as Sault Ste. Marie, Chatham-Kent, and North Grenville, and active transportation/bike plans for Oromocto, Corner Brook, Truro, and Essex County. Michael has also been a presenter at the Canadian, Australian, and American national trail conferences.

He now lives in Halifax.

Follow Michael’s activities on Twitter @HikerHaynes. Want a taste of the amazing trails Canada has to offer? Follow hikerhaynes on Pinterest and YouTube.

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